Charged with a Sex Crime?

If you're accused of sexual misconduct, a lot of questions are sure to follow.

How will you disclose and explain to friends and family that you're under suspicion of sexual wrongdoings? 

How will you get people to believe and trust in you when it's clear they no longer believe a word that comes out of your mouth? 

Will the embarrassment, pain and grief that comes along with the accusation of being labeled a sex offender ever end? 

As a leading Tampa Bay Sex Crimes attorney, I am acutely aware of the embarrassing and extremely sensitive nature of your case. My practice has extensive experience with cases similar to yours and I understand the sensitive nature of the charges. That’s why all consultations are confidential, even if you don’t hire me.

Though it's likely new territory to you, I have walked down this road before and know how to build and win sex crime cases. I will walk beside you and do what it takes to help you win your case.


When something like this happens, it is not uncommon to be so fearful and confused that you simply don't know what to do, so you do nothing. This is understandable, but inaction and waiting to see what happens next is usually the wrong thing to do. It is likely law enforcement officers will want to speak with you, and you need to call us to explore the options available to you.

We understand that sex charges will have a negative impact on your life and your interpersonal relationships. We also know that people will likely treat you differently or look at you with suspicion. We promise we will treat you with dignity, respect and kindness.

When you hire Attorney James Souza you can count on not only unparalleled legal experience and expertise, but also his understanding and support. We will even help you get psychological help if you need it. Sex crime charges are serious. If you are convicted of sex crimes, your life will change forever.   

You don't have to go through this alone, call us today at (813) 254-9205 and schedule your free confidential consultation.