Violate Your Probation? 

I hear judges say every day that the fastest way to go to jail or prison is to violate your probation.

Boy, they aren't kidding.

I have seen ordinary, simple first-offender, non-violent cases mushroom into prison sentences all for violating minor conditions of probation.

And forget about having a right to bail when you are charged with a VOP or violating House Arrest.

But there is another way.....Attorney James G. Souza III treats Violation of Probation cases like legal emergencies because they often require an immediate response to a critical situation.

No bond - Persons who violate probation or house arrest are taken to jail and can wait there for weeks before their cases are heard. Worse yet, people who were not originally convicted could become convicted felons even for minor probation violations.

Call us today to get the maximum protection possible.

If you ever needed a lawyer on your side, now is the time. The Florida Legislature has enacted tough laws against people who have been found violating conditions of their probation or community control.

jim bannersThe judge may have given you a break when you were originally sentenced in your case. However, a violation of probation or a violation of community control could erase that sentence and send you directly to jail.

More than 20 years of Criminal Defense experience has allowed me to devote a considerable amount of my legal practice assisting people who are charged with violating probation or community control.

We strive to persuade the Court to allow alternative sentencing solutions that won't send you to jail or prison. We believe in allowing second, or even third chances for people with special needs.

My office works closely with mental health experts and substance-abuse counselors who can provide in-court testimony when needed to explain to the Judge how we can try to get you back on track. We will do everything in our power to obtain your release from jail.