Recently I was asked a question by a fellow criminal defense attorney who was seeking my advice about dealing with people who were trying to hire him. The question was, “How do you effectively deal with prospective clients who ask you all the wrong questions when seeking your representation of their criminal case?”

This special report contains a good representation of what I told my fellow criminal defense attorney. I think this lawyer found that my answers were helpful. I certainly hope that you are able to use this valuable information to your benefit in hiring the right criminal defense attorney for your situation.

1. Don’t ask a criminal defense attorney how much they charge before you disclose some fairly relevant details of your situation, like your name and the criminal charges.

2. Don’t minimize or downplay the causes or facts that lead to your arrest. Don’t even think about telling the attorney some made up story.

3. Don’t be rude or inconsiderate if asked not to discuss the facts of your case over the telephone.

4. Ask if the attorney can meet with you either today or tomorrow; don’t demand it.

5. Don’t ask for a money back guarantee that you won’t go to jail.

6. It really isn’t a good idea to write the attorney a bad check.

7. Ask if you can have a family member or close friend sit in with you during the initial meeting. Don’t simply show up with 36 members of your family, your street gang, or your religious cult and expect that they will participate in the conference, too.

8. Remember that payment is expected usually before the attorney begins work. That even goes for people who are innocent.

9. It is somewhat unreasonable for you to expect that the attorney can answer every one of your questions about the case during your initial meeting. Remember that we are talking about law here. Oftentimes, the facts and legal issues of the case require extensive research and analysis.

10. Criminal defense attorneys are trained in the rules of law and courtroom procedures; few of them are psychics and even fewer still have advanced degrees in Astrology, tarot card reading or interpreting the significance of a newly formed pimple on your face. Remember what you are there for; to hire a competent, capable criminal defense attorney who can give you that best chance of success in your case.

11. Don’t be overly impressed with an attorney who tells you that they haven’t lost a case since Reagan was in the White House. It may be that they haven’t been in a courtroom since Reagan was in the White House Asking insightful and thought provoking questions is a talent; careful observation and listening is a virtue.