8 Painful Mistakes People Make When They Are Pulled Over By The Police

The first 60 seconds after a driver sees a police officer’s flashing lights are the most revealing 60 seconds of the entire pullover experience. Onlookers get to see whether the driver is guilty, angry, confused, frightened or indifferent in such a short period.

No matter how someone feels when a police officer pulls him or over, that person is supposed to avoid ticketing in a constructive manner. Unfortunately, many people make massive mistakes during those first 60 seconds that end up costing them time, money and dignity. In some cases, those mistakes end up on television or videos for the entertainment of others. How many people have laughed and eaten popcorn over a recent viral “pullover episode” on YouTube?

Drivers should always stay calm and collected at the flashing lights and cooperate with the police officer. Furthermore, they should always have their paperwork in order before taking off on the road, even to the grocery store. There are eight mistakes that drivers make that kill their credibility, stability and release-ability. In other words, they make police officers write more tickets than they had in mind to ever write. The following are eight painful mistakes that people make when police pull them over:

infographic-107 How To Use A Winch To Recover Your Vehicle8 Painful Mistakes People Make When They Are Pulled Over By The Police

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